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Carl Blyth is the Director of the Center of Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (COERLL) and Associate Professor of French Linguistics in the Department of French and Italian.  He has held several administrative positions prior to COERLL: Coordinator of Lower Division French (1993-2002), Acting Director of Technology, Literacy and Culture (2001-2002), and Director/Asst Director of the UT Summer Program in Lyon, France.  He has worked with colleagues on an online reference grammar of French (Tex's French Grammar), and a multimedia-based first year French program (Français interactif).

Carl has written various journal articles, book chapters and books which include the following: author of Untangling the Web: Nonce's Guide to Language and Culture on the Internet (Nonce, 1999), editor of The Sociolinguistics of Foreign Language Classrooms  (Heinle, 2003), co-author with Stacey Katz of Teaching French Grammar in Context (Yale University Press, 2007), and co-author with N. Megharbi & S. Pellet of Pause-café: French in Review (McGraw-Hill, 2009). Currently, he serves as the Series Editor of Issues in Language Program Direction, an annual volume devoted to foreign language learning in higher education.

Programs Manager

Karen Kelton is the Programs Manager in the Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (COERLL) and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of French and Italian. She supervises lower-division French courses and directs the UT Summer Program in Lyon, France.

Curriculum development has been the focus of her career at UT, in particular, building Tex's French Grammar and Français interactif with colleagues for UT's first year on-line French program. She was the project manager for Grimm Grammar, Deutsch im Blick, and Chansons françaises. She is currently working on an initiative to lower textbook prices through print-on-demand publishing.

Steinfeld Childre
Publications Manager / Web Developer

Nathalie Steinfeld is the Publications Manager/ Web Developer for the Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (COERLL). She has taken over the maintenance and deployments of all COERLL projects after she joined the team in 2008.

She is a graduate of Texas State Univesity, San Marcos with a major in Fine Arts and a minor in Computer Science. Previously to moving to Austin, Nathalie studied art history at the University of Zürich and completed an art program at the local art academy.

Projects Manager and Web Architect

Rachael Gilg is the Projects Manager and Web Architect for COERLL. She holds a M.S. from the School of Information at U.T. Austin, and specializes in educational technology, user experience design, and digital media development. She has acted as project manager, designer, and lead developer on a diverse set of projects, including educational websites and online courses, video and interactive media, digital archives, and social/community websites.

Communications Writer / Copy Editor

Heera Kang is the Communications Writer / Copy Editor for COERLL. She holds an M.F.A in Creative Writing from UT Austin and a B.A. in English from UC Berkeley. Heera specializes in digital content strategy and copywriting and enjoys collaborating with creative teams.

Associate Director of Outreach and Teacher Development

Dr. Thomas Garza is Associate Director of Outreach and Teacher Development for COERLL. Dr. Garza is University Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor of Russian and the director of the Texas Language Center (TLC) at UT Austin. Prior to establishing the TLC, he was chairperson of the Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies and the director of the Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies. His teaching and research focus on the applied linguistics and pedagogy of Slavic languages, including the use of media and technology and the teaching of culture. He is the author or co-author of five EFL textbooks – including one for speakers of Russian, four Russian language texts, as well as numerous articles on the teaching of Russian language and culture using video and other media. He is also a trained proficiency tester and administers Oral Proficiency Interviews in Russian.

Associate Director of Technology

Joseph TenBarge is Associate Director of Technology for COERLL. He is Assistant Dean for Instructional Technology and Facilities at UT Austin, has led LAITS for ten years. He has assisted faculty in completing over 200 technology projects, including the highly successful Texas Politics, an open access online textbook designed to support curricular instruction in Government. Under Mr. TenBarge’s leadership, the College of Liberal Arts has realized significant upgrades to its audio and video facilities, which are now optimally designed for web broadcasting, podcasting, and digital archiving. TenBarge sits on a number of campus technology policy task groups and as chairman of the University Technology Classroom Committee, has led the installation of multimedia technology in hundreds of University's classrooms. More recently he has been instrumental in creating new organizational infrastructure to involve more faculty in instructional technology.