Carl Blyth


Carl Blyth is the Director of the Center of Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (COERLL) and Associate Professor of French Linguistics in the Department of French and Italian.  He has held several administrative positions prior to COERLL: Coordinator of Lower Division French (1993-2002), Acting Director of Technology, Literacy and Culture (2001-2002), and Director/Asst Director of the UT Summer Program in Lyon, France.  He has worked with colleagues on an online reference grammar of French (Tex's French Grammar), and a multimedia-based first year French program (Français interactif).

Betsy Brown

Events Manager

Betsy Brown, Events Manager, is Senior Program Coordinator for the Texas Language Center. She oversees logistics for COERLL’s events, including registration and payment. She also organizes event data for federal reporting.

Rachael Gilg

Projects Manager and Web Architect

Rachael Gilg is the Projects Manager / Web Architect for COERLL. She holds a M.S. from the School of Information at U.T. Austin, and specializes in educational technology, user experience design, and digital media development. She has acted as project manager, designer, and lead developer on a diverse set of projects, including educational websites and online courses, video and interactive media, digital archives, and social/community websites.

Steven Miller

Budget Manager

Steven Miller, Administrative Manager for Liberal Arts ITS at UT-Austin, serves as Budget Manager. The Budget Manager maintains COERLL’s accounts and assures compliance with university and federal laws governing grant monies.

Nathalie Steinfeld Childre

Publications Manager / Web Developer

Nathalie Steinfeld is the Publications ManagerWeb Developer for the COERLL. She has taken over the maintenance and deployments of all COERLL projects after she joined the team in 2008. She is a graduate of Texas State Univesity, San Marcos with a major in Fine Arts and a minor in Computer Science. Previously to moving to Austin, Nathalie studied art history at the University of Zürich and completed an art program at the local art academy.

University Steering Committee

Thomas Garza

Texas Language Center, U.T. Austin

Joseph TenBarge

Assistant Dean
College of Liberal Arts, U.T. Austin

Faculty Project Coordinators

Mahmoud al-Batal

Professor of Arabic
Department of Middle Eastern Studies, U.T. Austin

Douglas Biow

Center for European Studies, U.T. Austin

Barbara E. Bullock

Professor of French Linguistics
Department of French and Italian, U.T. Austin

Tina Dong

Instructional Coordinator for World Languages
Austin Independent School District

Beatrice Dupuy

Professor of French and Foreign Language Education
Department of French & Italian, The University of Arizona

Vivian Flanzer

Portuguese Language Program Director
Department of Spanish & Portuguese

Nancy Guilloteau

Language Program Director
Department of French and Italian, U.T. Austin

José Esteban Hernández

Associate Professor of Hispanic Linguistics
The University of Texas Pan-American

Yanina Hernández

Director of Basic Spanish Language
Texas State Technical College

Christian Hilchey

Lecturer of Czech
Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies, U.T. Austin

Mark Hopkins

Lecturer of Czech
Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies, U.T. Austin

Orlando Kelm

Associate Professor
Department of Spanish & Portuguese, U.T. Austin

Karen Kelton

Senior Lecturer of French
Department of French and Italian, U.T. Austin

Dale Koike

Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Linguistics
Department of Spanish & Portuguese, U.T. Austin

Joanna Luks

Senior Lecturer of French
Cornell University

Mary Neuburger

Professor and Department Chair
Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies, U.T. Austin

Sergio Romero

The Center for Indigenous Languages of Latin America (CILLA), U.T. Austin

Thomas Sauer

TELL Project / Partnership to Advance Learning

Wen-Hua Teng

Senior Lecturer in Chinese
Department of Asian Studies, U.T. Austin

Joshua Thoms

Spanish Language Program Director
Utah State University

Almeida Jacqueline Toribio

Professor of Hispanic Linguistics
Department of Spanish & Portuguese, U.T. Austin

Chantelle Warner

Assistant Professor of German and Co-Director of CERCLL
The University of Arizona

National Advisory Board

Robert Davis

Professor of Spanish and Director of Language Instruction
University of Oregon

Greg Kessler

Associate Professor of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) in the
Department of Linguistics, Ohio University

Fernando Rubio

Second Language Teaching and Research Center, College Of Humanities, University of Utah

Toni Theisen

French Teacher and 2013 ACTFL President
Loveland High School, Colorado

Steven Thorne

Associate Professor of Second Language Acquisition
Department of World Languages and Literatures, Portland State University

Dr. Keith Walters

Professor and Department Chair
Applied Linguistics Department, Portland State

Paige Ware

Associate Professor and Department Chair
Department of Teaching & Learning, Southern Methodist University

Richard Young

Professor in English Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition
Department of English, University of Wisconsin - Madison