The Center for Open Educational Resources & Language Learning (COERLL) was inaugurated in 2010 as part of the U.S. Department of Education’s Title VI program (National Foreign Language Resource Centers). The overall mission of these federally-funded centers is to improve the teaching and learning of foreign languages by producing resources (materials and best practices) that can be profitably employed in a variety of settings. Today, COERLL is funded by the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Texas at Austin.


COERLL's mission is to produce and disseminate Open Educational Resources (OER) for the students at the University of Texas at Austin. However, thanks to the adoption of open licenses, we are able to share our materials (e.g., online language courses, reference grammars, assessment tools, corpora, etc.) with the general public. The term OER refers to any educational material offered freely for anyone to use, typically involving some permission to re-mix, improve, and redistribute. Thus, while COERLL exists to serve the needs of UT-Austin foreign language students, it also aims to promote a culture of sharing that lies at the heart of the Open Education movement. At COERLL, we are happy to share our materials with language learners and teachers around the world. We only ask that you respect our OERs’ terms of use as indicated by their open licenses.


Much of the content of COERLL's website was developed under grants P229A100014, P229A140005, and P229A180003 from the U.S. Department of Education. However, this content does not necessarily represent the policy of the U.S. Department of Education.

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