Current Projects

COERLL's projects for 2018-2022 are divided into four categories. Select a category to learn more about our active projects.

Research guides and supports the development of new approaches and tools, and this category includes two projects that focus on the dissemination of applied linguistic research with practical implications for foreign language teaching and learning.

This category focuses on the creation of Spanish OER for use in secondary and post-secondary education.

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Collaborative projects with National Resource Centers for the development and dissemination of OER designed to advance the instruction of less commonly taught languages using technology-enhanced settings such as video conferencing and mobile learning.

COERLL offers hands-on workshops, symposia and webinars offered throughout the year, many of which expose teachers to innovative practices in open pedagogy. Participants are eligible for digital badges as well as CPE credits. COERLL often publishes videos of its events to give access to more teachers.