Support for Video and Audio Issues

When I try to view a video or listen to an audio file, I see a blank screen.

  1. Have you updated to the latest version of your browser (and restarted your computer)? 
    Possible solution: Go to your browser menu bar and look for the browser update section (can usually be found under browser preferences). It's usually recommended to enable automatic browser updates.

  2. Are you or your school blocking ports through your Firewall? 
    Possible solution: Port 1935 and 8080 cannot be blocked by your computer's or networks firewall if you want to use the media on our websites. 
    (If you don't know or are not sure how to unblock a port, email the port numbers to your school's technology staff or server admin)


If the above did not solve your media related problems ...

Send us an email at with the answers to the following questions: 

  1. Are you working on Mac or PC?
  2. Which version of the operating system (OS X, Windows, other) is installed on your computer?
  3. Did you run the latest Operating System (OS X, Windows, other) updates?
  4. What browser and browser version (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, other) are you using?
  5. Where were you when you tried to access the video or audio files? Were you on or off the UT-Austin campus?
  6. Do you experience the problem with all of the media on that website or just one or two ? Please email us an example URL of where the problem occurs.