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A collection of Portuguese language learning resources

Brazilpod joins supplementary Portuguese websites at the University of Texas, including Tá Falado, Portuguese Communication Exercises, Conversa Brasileira, as well as links to other Portuguese language resources, Portuguese podcasts and blogs.

Orlando Kelm
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Foreign Languages & The Literary in the Everyday

A multilingual collection of instructor-authored literacy lessons

The FLLITE Project takes the creative moments found in everyday language use in authentic texts such as blogs, internet memes, YouTube videos, and slam poetry, as the basis for lessons in second language literacy. By emphasizing language play as central to communication, teacher-authored FLLITE lessons aim to develop language awareness as well as communicative abilities through the integration of speaking, reading, listening, and writing tasks. 

Joanna G. Luks, Carl Blyth, Chantelle Warner (Eds.)
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Língua da Gente

Audio podcast for learning everyday Portuguese.

In Brazil, the term língua da gente (literally ‘language of the people’) refers to the way that people actually talk in everyday speech. And that, in essence, is the object behind this series. We hope to provide practical lessons that demonstrate how people really speak, and we do this by presenting brief, slice-of-life dialogs, which focus on some daily situation, scenario, or task that we encounter every day.

Each audio podcast, generally between 8-12 minutes, includes the presentation of a brief dialog, a line-by-line English translation, and more in-depth analysis of the pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and cultural content in the lesson. Discussion blogs also accompany each lesson, providing community interaction for comments and questions. In broad terms, the lessons are subdivided into three levels of difficulty: Beginning, Elementary, and Intermediate. Additionally we have a cultural show that covers current events and related social issues.

Orlando Kelm
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The Portuguese language lessons of ClicaBrasil highlight aspects of Brazilian culture. They are designed for intermediate to advanced students, but are accessible to everyone. Each lesson includes videos of Brazilians from all walks of life speaking naturally about their lives and their country. All lessons integrate reading, writing, listening and comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, oral communication and cultural activities with the videos. There is also an accompanying textbook. É isso aí! Agora é só clicar... e começar a se divertir! Boa viagem!

Vivian Flanzer
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Conversa Brasileira

A compilation of video scenarios of people interacting with each other in Portuguese.

A compilation of video scenarios of people interacting with each other in Portuguese. Conversations include dialogs, questions, turn taking exchanges, clarifications, false starts, hugs, laughter, asides. The scenarios are enhanced by transcriptions, translations, content analysis, and notes and discussion blogs.

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Portuguese Communication Exercises

A compilation of nearly 350 brief video clips, together with a complete Portuguese transcription and English translation of native speakers of Portuguese from various locations throughout Brazil (and some Portugal) who talk about 80 different topics.

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Tá Falado

Tá Falado includes 46 podcast lessons on the pronunciation and grammar of Portuguese, specifically designed to help those who already speak Spanish. The lessons are built around Portuguese dialogs that are repeated in Spanish, providing a direct comparison of the two languages. All lessons include downloadable PDF files with the transcripts and notes, mp3 audio files, and blog discussions. Additionally all of the dialogs present cultural scenarios that illustrate differences between North American and Brazilian culture.

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Other Materials from the University of Texas

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Brazilians Working with Americans

The "Brazilians Working with Americans: Cultural Case Studies" consists of 10 brief case studies that illustrate some of the challenges that executives face when working together. The 10 cases are based on real stories from Brazilian executives who work with North Americans in Brazil.
Each case study is accompanied by video clips of 3 American and 3 Brazilian executives who offer personal observations about the cases. In all there are 60 video clips from 17 executives. The comments represent the executives' personal opinions about the cultural aspects of the case studies. All materials in the "Brazilians Working with Americans: Cultural Case Studies" are provided in both English and Portuguese. That is to say, the case studies are provided in both languages. The American executives make their comments in English (with Portuguese translation) and all of the Brazilian executives make their comments in Portuguese (with English translation).

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