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chapitre quatre
dot chanson:  Comme d'habitude
dot artiste:  Claude François
dot asset time:  4:10
dot asset file size:  8.58 MB
dot asset file type:  video
dot genre:  Chanson française
dot année:  1968
dot musique et paroles:  Jacques Revaux, Claude François, and Gilles Thibault

Claude François became popular in France during the 1960s.  He is especially well-known for his covers of American songs, such as Belles Belles Belles, which is the song entitled Made to Love by the Everly Brothers.

He followed his first success with a French adaptation of another American song If I Had a Hammer ... Si j'avais un marteau, in French.

What is ironic is that, even if Claude is best-known for covers, he actually wrote one of the most famous songs in the world!

If you are familiar with Frank Sinatra's music, no doubt you have heard the song My Way.  What you probably didn't know is that this song is from France.  Claude François, Jacques Revaux, and Gilles Thibault wrote Comme d'habitude after the singer France Gall broke up with Claude.  It was, in fact, the American singer Paul Anka who wrote the English words to My Way.

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