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dot chanson:  Ma Louisianne
dot artiste:  Zachary Richard
dot asset time:  2:56
dot asset file size:  3.37 MB
dot asset file type:  mp3 audio
dot genre:  Musique cadienne/Zydeco
dot année:  1977
dot album:  Mardi Gras
dot musique et paroles:  Zachary Richard

By now you are familiar with France and its regions, but did you know that there is a French-speaking region in one of Texas's neighboring states?  In Central and Southern Louisiana, there are in fact two main groups of French speakers.  The following song, Ma Louisianne, focuses on the Cajun people.

Zachary Richard is one of the best-known Cajun musicians of all time.  In addition to his music, he has published books of poetry; and he directed a documentary about the history of the Cajun people called Against the Tide.  He also founded the group called Action Cadienne, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the Cajun language and culture.

Note: Richard spells the title of this song, Ma Louisiane as Ma Louisianne, with two n's – a Cajun variation!


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