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dot chanson:  Comment tu t'appelles?
dot artiste:  Mathieu Boogaerts
dot asset time:  2:59
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dot asset file type:  video
dot genre:  Pop fran├žais
dot année:  1998
dot album:  J'En Ai Marre d'Etre Deux
dot musique et paroles:  Mathieu Boogaerts

Mathieu Boogaerts was born in 1970 and grew up in the suburbs of Paris.  His music has been influenced by various musicians and genres, from Bob Marley, to the Dutch singer Dick Annegarn – who lives in France and sings in French – to music from Kenya.

He released his debut album, Super in 1996, which was described as "minimalist" yet "upbeat"; and his second album, J'en ai marre d'être deux in 1998. 

Not long after the release of his second album, Mathieu's recording contract was terminated, and it took until 2002 for him to get back into the French music scene.  He has since released another album, Michel in 2005. His music continues to be known for minimalist music and lyrics.


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