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2.2:  Im Ausland studieren


In this WebQuest you will be exploring language learning opportunities in Germany through the website of the Goethe Institut. You can reach it by clicking on the logo below or by typing in the following URL address into your browser:

Goethe institute logo with green nested circles and the title GOETHE INSTITUTE -


Look at the images (e.g., pictures, maps) and use your knowledge of cognates to get a sense of the site content: What kinds of information does this website offer?


Select one of the cities on the map labeled Kursorte. Read the description provided on the city. What are some interesting things you can learn here? Would you like to go study there?


On this page, click on the link in the middle called "Deutschkurse" then on "Prüfungstermine."

  1. Deutschkurse:
    • When are some of the 2- and 4-week courses offered?
    • How much does the course cost with and without accommodations (Unterkunft)?
    • What is the German term for "exam preparation for the test for German as a foreign language?"

  2. Prüfungstermine:
    • When are there available language exams for A1 or A2?
    • What is the date by which you have to register for them?
    • How much does the exam take if you are a course participant and if you are not?

Under "Unterkunft," explore what kinds of accommodations are available in the city you selected. What amenities are included in the cost? How much is the deposit - Kaution - that you have to pay?


Back at the city website, you can watch a video about studying German in your selected city. What did the people in the video say about why they are studying German? What did they like about studying in Germany? What were some of the activities they participated in?


Test your German under "Zu Ihrer Information" in the lower right-hand corner of the page.

Zu Ihrer Information
  • Testen Sie Ihr Deutsch
  • Hinweise zu Anmeldung, Zahlung, Visa, Versicherungen
  • Prospekt-Download
  • Buchungsforumlar
    (PDF, 327 KB)

For further information on studying in Germany, you can also explore these addition sites:

Surf one of them and write a brief review about what you can find on that page. For example: What is the name of the organization that set up the website? What kinds of information is presented? Who might be the target audience? In what ways is it different from and similar to the Goethe Institut website? Do you like it better than the Goethe Institut′s site? Or less? Why?

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