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Tá Falado
June 7, 2007
Grammar Lesson 6:  The Verb 'Ficar', Studying in Cafés
Studying in cafés In this lesson Orlando dreams about being able to use the verb ficar when he is talking in Spanish.  Ah, if they just had that verb in Spanish, it would make things a lot easier.  Of course, for you Spanish speakers, you now have a chance to add ficar to your Portuguese.  Whether it means to become, to be, to stay, to remain, to keep on, or any of the other meanings, you are sure to love this fantastic verb.  And whoever said that verbs weren't fun?  One caution, however, don't study your verbs in a café, at least not in Brazil.  Michelle and Valdo have a hard time getting used to the idea of studying in a café.
Download (right-click): tafalado_gra_06.mp3  (MP3, 11:11, 7.87 MB)