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More information about podcasts and iTunes subscription

iTunes podcast subscription
You can listen to an audio podcast of Radio Arlecchino in iTunes v5 or higher, on MacOS X and Windows platforms.  Podcasts can be transferred by iTunes to your iPod, for offline listening.

Access dropdown menu selection: RSS > iTunes Subscription.  In most browsers, you will be subscribed to to the iTunes podcast automatically.

After subscription, click on 'Podcasts' in left column of iTunes browser to access audio selections for Radio Arlecchino.

  • Alternate subscription instructions
    • Copy the following URL:  feed://
    • Open iTunes.  Go to menu item 'Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast ...'
    • Paste the copied URL into dialog box.  Click 'OK.'
    • In iTunes browser, click on 'Podcasts' in left column to access audio selections for Radio Arlecchino.
  • Notes
    • iTunes podcast subscription requires Apple iTunes v5+.
      Download iTunes at
    • Audio on this website is downloaded to iTunes over the Internet.
      Podcasts can then be loaded onto an iPod.