Instructor's Final Comments

Currently I find myself at a phase of life where I am learning to speak Mandarin Chinese. After years of studying romance languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan) and after dabbling a little with some German and Japanese, I now find myself immersed in a whole different type of language. Everything that we have discussed in the four lessons of this module have become part of my daily routine. I have increased time on task by listening to podcast recordings while walking on the street and while driving in my truck. I look for the context of speech to remember vocabulary words and to memorize the various tones. I meet weekly with a tutor to hear the chunks and scripts and to force the issue of increasing my intake. Every step of the way, technology has enhanced this experience.

Come back in a few years and we'll see what kind of proficiency I have achieved. Or better yet, try to implement the concepts from this module in your teaching (and your learning) of foreign languages.