Texas Coalition for Heritage Spanish (TeCHS)

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In 2015, the Hispanic community represented 40% of Texas population but as today there are only a handful of colleges and universities offering Spanish Heritage Language (SHL) coursework. The Texas Coalition for Heritage Spanish (TeCHS), through online publication and collaboration and yearly meetings and workshops, will serve as a platform for sharing relevant data and pedagogical resources—such as syllabi, lesson plans, and materials—with the teaching community at large. Members will collaborate to disseminate information on best practices for heritage language instruction and support effective SHL language programs at all levels of instruction.  The Coalition will collaborate to connect Hispanic organizations with universities/colleges, and advocate and help inform policy-making at the local and state level.

Project Presentation: Texas Coalition for Heritage Spanish (2022)

Project Co-ordinator(s)

  • Flavia Belpoliti
  • Jocelly Meiners

Project Partners

  • The Texas Coalition for Heritage Spanish (TeCHS)

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