OER Developer: COERLL

  • “Open Education and Second Language Learning and Teaching” Book

    “Open Education and Second Language Learning and Teaching” Book

    An openly-licensed book of case studies on the subject of open education in the field of language learning and teaching.

  • Introduction to OER for Language Teachers

    Introduction to OER for Language Teachers

     A set of modules for language educators who are interested in learning about using and creating Open Educational Resources (OER). 

  • Chinese Grammar Lesson Videos

    Chinese Grammar Lesson Videos

    A collection of video lessons on grammar topics for beginning Mandarin Chinese, available as a YouTube playlist.

  • Yorùbá Yé Mi

    Yorùbá Yé Mi

    Yorùbá Yé Mi is an interactive, communicative, introductory, multimedia program intended to provide college/university students with basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills of language learning in Yorùbá. It exposes the learner not only to Yorùbá language in meaningful situations but also to the culture of the Yorùbá-speaking people of South-western Nigeria. It contains effective…

  • Chqeta’maj le qach’ab’al K’iche’!

    Chqeta’maj le qach’ab’al K’iche’!

    Chqe’tamaj le qach’ab’al K’iche’! seeks to develop a beginner to advanced level online course for K’iche’, a Mayan language of Guatemala.

  • Conversa Brasileira

    Conversa Brasileira

    A compilation of video scenarios of people interacting with each other in Portuguese. Conversations include dialogs, questions, turn taking exchanges, clarifications, false starts, hugs, laughter, asides. The scenarios are enhanced by transcriptions, translations, content analysis, and notes and discussion blogs.

  • German Frame-semantic Online Lexicon (G-FOL)

    German Frame-semantic Online Lexicon (G-FOL)

    The German Frame-semantic Online Lexicon (G-FOL) is a prototype of a new kind of pedagogical dictionary. The goal is to help students learn how words are used in modern-day German. This online resource is different from traditional dictionaries and textbooks because it is based on the German FrameNet at the University of Texas at Austin,…

  • Grimm Grammar

    Grimm Grammar

    An online German grammar reference, featuring zany post-modern Grimm’s fairy tale characters, authoritative grammar explanations, self-correcting exercises, online audio and cartoon images.

  • Her Şey Bir Merhaba ile Başlar

    Her Şey Bir Merhaba ile Başlar

    Her Şey Bir Merhaba ile Başlar was developed for intermediate level Turkish language courses at the University of Texas at Austin. Intermediate learners and their instructors may use it for different purposes: self-study, classroom instruction, tutoring, or as a pastime. The lessons in Her Şey Bir Merhaba ile Başlar integrate reading, listening and viewing comprehension, writing…

  • Heritage Spanish Professional Development Modules

    Heritage Spanish Professional Development Modules

    These modules are an ongoing TeCHS project aiming to provide relevant information and resources to promote, expand and celebrate heritage Spanish teaching and learning. Each self-paced module includes two to four lessons, presenting video clips from the workshops, reading assignments, activities, and resources, as well as self-graded quizzes.

  • Recorridos por la literatura hispana

    Recorridos por la literatura hispana

    COERLL has partnered with Rose Potter and Betsy Arnold to publish Recorridos-Don Quijote, a pair of openly-licensed books for the study of Cervantes’ Don Quijote in upper level Spanish courses, including AP. The student workbook, accessible online for free, deepens students’ understanding of the text through reading, pre-reading, and post-reading activities and glosses. The companion…

  • Rockin Russian

    Rockin Russian

    Rockin Russian is designed to give students exposure to the Russian language and culture through the medium of Russian music videos. Students are able to perfect their grammar while rocking out to music videos from Russia’s pop stars. Based on Russian music videos from MTV Russia, Rockin’ Russian is supplemented with exercise materials focusing on…