Lesson 1: Culture? What Culture?


In the process of learning, the union of language and information relating to the national culture is called 'linguocultural' teaching.

—Kostomarov and Vereshchagin, Language and Culture, 1983.


On linguocultural teaching.

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Choose a sample portion or segment from a textbook that you use frequently in your own language classes. Make an outline of the lexical-grammatical material and the cultural material featured in the unit. Consider what might be done to integrate the two elements more fully in your class.

Linguoculture in FL Contexts


Contexts of linguoculture.

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Consider four other "cultural artifacts" from non-US cultures. As in the models provided in the video clip, identify the cultural markers of these items that make them unique "purveyors" of cultural information. How might you integrate this kind of culture-specific information into a more general lesson on language?