I tech: The use of Voki for a successful student-engagement experience with Spanish heritage learners

Online in Zoom
Elga D. Sepúlveda Suárez, M.A. (Houston ISD)

The use of technology tools in traditional and virtual classrooms has increased during the last decade. Now, more than ever, technology is a tool that teachers can use to engage students in the process of learning. What tools are more effective for heritage and native speakers classes? What can I do as a teacher to engage and motivate my students to communicate in their heritage or native language? Through this webinar we will discuss and learn different ways to engage our students in classroom discussions. Through the technology tool, Voki, teachers will have the option to engage students with meaningful and significant activities related with their cultures. The teacher can create lessons to present and motivate students to create their own vokis for their projects, in that way they can explore their creativity, have fun and learn while they practice their interpersonal skills.


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