The story of don Quixote is perfect to promote authentic communication and critical thinking in the upper level Spanish classroom. A companion Teacher Support is available.

Author(s):  Betsy Arnold, Rose Potter
Affiliation(s):  The University of Texas at Austin

Student Textbook

The language of the Siglo de Oro can be an insurmountable barrier for many readers. This textbook provides historical information, narrative techniques, lists of characters, themes and key words before they begin to read each chapter. While reading, vocabulary glossed in comprehensible Spanish appears in the margin opposite challenging words. Cultural references and proverbs from the work facilitate a deeper understanding. Each chapter contains checks for understanding and ends with activities to build vocabulary. It includes chapters 1-8, 10, 17 and 74 for AP classrooms.


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Teacher Support Book

Designed to facilitate the teaching and deepen the understanding of Cervantes’ seminal work, don Quijote, the teacher support and resources include interpretive, interpersonal and presentational communication strategies, a chronology of the Siglo de Oro history and work, examples of poetry from the era and rubrics. Each chapter includes a summary in English, cultural information beyond the student text, warm-ups, closures and quizzes, answer keys to checks for understanding and end-of-chapter vocabulary reinforcement through retelling. Resources include word games, event sequencing, and brainstorming activities as well as a chapter test that includes essay questions similar to those found on AP exams.

Purchase: To purchase the teacher text, send an email to and include your name, the name, location, and URL of the school where you teach and the level of Spanish you teach. COERLL will send you an email with your access code.