Gendered Nouns

Many nouns that denote people specify the gender of the person with articles (masculine "der" for men, feminine "die" for women) and by adding the ending "-in" to the noun when it refers to a woman. To make a feminine form plural, simply add an additional "-nen," as in "Freundinnen" or "Professorinnen." In English, the gender of the person is not expressed linguistically. Even in cases where English speakers can make such a distinction (e.g. actor/actress), users of the language are shifting away from doing so.
Male FemaleEnglish
 der Freunddie Freundin friend 
der Partnerdie Partnerinpartner
der Lebensgefährtedie Lebensgefährtinsignificant other
der Kundedie Kundincustomer
der Verkäuferdie Verkäuferinsalesperson
der Studentdie Studentincollege student
der Professordie Professorinprofessor
der Schauspielerdie Schauspielerinactor