Dative Recipient

Many verbs of selling and buying may refer to the Recipient of the Goods (i.e. a person who the BUYER buys GOODS for). The Recipient participant appears in the dative case and typically appears directly after the inflected verb in main clauses (as in 1 and 2) and directly after the subject in subordinate clauses (as in 3 and 4).

  1. Ich kaufe meiner Mutter ein Buch.
  2. Der Mann hat mir sein Auto verkauft.
  3. Wir können in Berlin bleiben, weil meine Tante uns ihre Wohnung mietet.
  4. Seitdem ich meiner Frau die Halskette gekauft habe, ist sie sehr nett zu mir.
  1. I buy my mother a book.
  2. The man sold me his car.
  3. We can stay in Berlin, because my aunt will rent us her apartment.
  4. Since I bought my wife the necklace, she has been very nice to me.