Man vs. Beast

There is a notable difference in the way German and English categorize acts of eating. For German speakers, the kind of Ingestor involved (either animal or human) determines which words are used to describe the act. When English speakers describe eating, however, they are free to use any of the words in this frame, whether the Ingestor is an animal or a human. 

Because this difference exists in German, speakers can liken humans to animals by using the animal word to describe an act performed by a human. Various effects result from this type of usage, as seen in the table below. For a more detailed discussion of these meaning differences, see the description for each word.

English Word for human Ingestor Word for animal Ingestor Meaning of animal word when applied to a human Ingestor
eat essen fressen devour, scarf, wolf down (eating in the manner of an animal)
drink trinken saufen booze, guzzle, swig (implies that alcohol is the Ingestibles)
food das Essen das Futter slop, grub, chow (a not very proper slang term for "food")